Brittany T. Paschall is a radical liberator, ally, and friend. The great great great granddaughter of an enslaved man, she is deeply Black, Southern, and woman.   A native of Nashville, Brittany is a recent graduate of Grand Canyon University, where she studied sociology. Her organizing started over eight years ago at Oasis Center, where she has served as Programs Specialist, Associate Camp Director and Strategist. During her youth organizing days, she was a part of the Mayor’s Youth Council and the Building Bridges Youth Advisory Council.

Brittany was named to the Millennial Leaders Project of Union Theological Seminary in Summer of 2018 and joined 30 other premiere organizers and faith leaders in New York for a week of collaboration and fellowship. Brittany has also joined the RISE Together program through Union Theological Seminary and the Racial Justice Learning Cohort through Faith Matters Network.  

In her spare time, she serves proudly as a member of the Rise Collective, where she publishes her written and creative works. Brittany is most proud to be the daughter of Glenn and Delta Paschall: her fearless Black educator parents, and granddaughter to Sarah E. Tolbert, who taught her how to love.

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